With IRON SHARK, you will learn how to work directly on options, and how to independently evaluate a strategy using backtest software.
IRON SHARK is a 360 degree multimedia program about systematic trading applied to options with focus on risk diversification, and suitable  for both beginners and more experienced traders
You'll have at your disposal the highest quality multimedia content, including: an in-depth manual, over 25 audio e video lessons, 1 operating Strategy with backtest and setup, an introductory video course about options
You will always be supported by our team that will help you throughout your learning process. And you can rely on our Community of professional traders with whom you can interact to exchange ideas and tips at any time.
Dear trader,

Every day, more and more trading enthusiasts write to me asking for advice on how to improve their performance and earnings.

What I always say is that being a trader is a serious job that requires a constant commitment and study: as with any profession, if you don't allocate the right amount of time to your training, you are only bound to lose all your money.

If you want to trade, the first step is to acquire transversal skills that allow you to diversify your portfolio as much as possible. And the risk diversification is one of the principles that you must always keep in mind when working on the markets.

Even after winning the World Cup Trading Championship 4 times, I personally didn't quit my studies and I tried to make my trading activity more and more robust by diversifying my portfolio. And today I found a new way to make it even more complete and efficient.

What is it about? ... It's about options.

 "... Wait, Andrea Unger trades options? And what do options have to do with systematic trading?"

Actually, since my career started, I've always been very fascinated by options. At the time, many friends with deep knowledge of options told me to focus on these markets because, according to them, my mathematical mind and my love for numbers would have allowed me to better learn and manage these tools.

And over time I realized that options fit perfectly into the systematic trading field.


For the very concept of systematic trading or, as I prefer to call it, "algorithmic". In my opinion, everything related to numbers is algorithmic and can be approached with a scientific method. When operative trading decisions can be made on the basis of a numerical study and following this objective method, we automatically enter the algorithmic trading field.

Until today the only obstacle that kept me away from these markets was the difficulty in controlling the risk and dealing with any black swan events. Just take an online tour to find striking cases of options experts who failed due to unforeseen events.

How to take advantage of the possibilities offered by options while defending yourself from any black swans?

A solution came up after I met Francesco Placci, one of the leading experts in this field. Francesco showed me his innovative strategy "Iron Shark", the only one that allows you to take advantage of the benefits offered by options without fear of black swan events.

Given the importance of this discovery, I decided to share this strategy with you, giving life to a multimedia training program that will allow you to explore options from the basics with focus on risk diversification.

You will be able to understand step by step how to make the most of the possibilities offered by these instruments and learn a strategy that can withstand even negative events.

And there's more: because you're eager to learn, I decided to reserve you a Special Offer...

What are you waiting for?!
OPTIONS Trading with focus on risk diversification:
why is it useful to study this topic?
Perhaps now you are wondering why you should participate in a training program to learn how to trade options. Maybe you are thinking that you already have a good trading system portfolio or that you don't care about the options because you prefer an automated approach or you don't really want to approach a field you don't know anything about since you have no idea where to start.

As I said before, early in my career I overlooked options, although many friends with deep knowledge of options told me to focus on these markets because, in their opinion, they were particularly suited to my "mathematical mind".

As you know, over the years I have specialized in systematic trading, developing a scientific and replicable method that I myself have been adopting for more than twenty years, and that I successfully teach to my students.

I've always wondered about options trading and today I'm more and more convinced that options are an important possibility that should not be wasted. Unlike what we tend to think, in fact, options perfectly suit systematic trading.


Because, as I mentioned before, everything that can be approached with a scientific method that is quantifiable and repeatable and that leads to operative trading decisions taken on the basis of a numerical study automatically falls into systematic trading.

There is a change at the operational level, but the nature of trading is the same. And this is why I believe it is important to study options following the algorithmic, verifiable and transmissible approach that has always characterized me.

The only problem shown by these markets is the difficulty of protecting themselves from unexpected events, the so-called "Black Swans". In recent years, there have been striking cases of traders, some even very experienced, who literally went belly-up because of black swans.

So what is the right way to trade options without taking too many risks?

The solution is to use Iron Shark, a truly innovative strategy developed by Francesco Placci, one of the leading experts in this field.

Unlike other strategies, Iron Shark not only doesn't suffer from black swans but it is also profitable, in some cases.

Would you like to learn how to use the Iron Shark, too?

That is why, together with Placci, I have created a 360 degree multimedia training about options that allows you to learn how to get the most out of these markets using this strategy.
What will you learn with "Iron Shark"?
Perhaps now you are thinking that it would be worth exploring options trading but maybe you are a newbie and you don't know anything about it.

No need to worry. Iron Shark is a 360-degree in-depth program that analyze options trading from the basics, so it is suitable for both beginners and those who already know this topic.

With IRON SHARK, you will learn how to directly trade options and how to independently evaluate a strategy using a backtest software.

Ample space is given to the specific presentation of the Iron Shark strategy, paying attention to its evolution in relation to the underlying, time and volatility, as well as its input setups, position management and backtests.

In addition to the operating strategy with backtest and setup, you will get also an in-depth manual and over 25 audio and video lessons.

And there is also a Special BONUS: an introductory video course about options designed for those who have no knowledge of this topic, in order to get them off to a good start.

Every video lesson has an operational slant: you will get practical tips to immediately improve your trading.

Do not waste time and money: Get this special offer I reserved for those who want to take action now and get the most out of the opportunity offered by options!
Who is "Iron Shark" training program for?
The "Iron Shark" training program will help you to first-hand see those apparently complex tools such as options in a simple and practical way. This program is designed to be suitable for both experienced and new traders. 
In particular,

The "Iron Shark" training program is perfect for you if:
  • You are a trader with no experience in options and you want to explore this topic starting with a solid basic knowledge, both practical and theoretical (through the BONUS “Options for Beginners” video course)
  • ​You are a trader who already knows about this topic, but you want to learn how to get the most out of the potential offered by options with focus on risk diversification
  • ​You want to learn a scientific method to evaluate option strategies
  • ​You want to learn a truly effective operational strategy
  • You want ​practical advice that you can apply right away
  • You are looking for a way to trade with very little maintenance
The "Iron Shark" training program is NOT for you if:
  • ​You think diversification is not important
  • You don't want to study & get better as a trader
  • ​You are not interested in applying a systematic approach to options
  • You believe that acquiring transversal skills and improving yourself is not useful
And there's more: given the nature of the underlying, the Iron Shark strategy is also well suited to both systematic trading and discretionary trading.

One more reason not to miss the opportunity to explore a topic that is so important and versatile.
What are the main topics of the
"Iron Shark" program?
"Iron Shark" is a multimedia program about systematic trading applied to options, starting from the foundation.

Here's some of the main topics we will cover:
  • BONUS VIDEO COURSE for beginners: you will learn what options are and how to handle them, so that you'll achieve a good basic knowledge to be ready for IRON SHARK
  • What ADVANTAGES can be exploited with options:
  • ​​Implied and Historical Volatility
  • ​Volatility Term Structure
  • ​Skew
  • ​Volatility Surface
  • ​Weighted Vega
  • ​Time Decay
  • ​​Volatility Indices, Volatility Regimes and IVTS Filter
  • Delta Neutral Strategies
  • Iron Shark Strategy
  • ​Introducing the Strategy
  • ​Protection against Black Swans
  • ​​Evolution in terms of underlying
  • ​​Evolution in terms of time
  • ​​Evolution in terms of volatility
  • ​​Input Setup and Management
  • ​​Adjustments
  • ​Margin
  • ​​Operational aspects
  • ​​Market Crash Analysis
  • ​Backtests
  • ​When not to trade options
  • ​Insights
What is included in the
"Iron Shark" training program?
The "Iron Shark" training program includes:
  • ​1 In-depth Manual
  • ​Bonus: over 25 audio and video lessons
  • ​Bonus: 1 operating strategy with backtest and setup
  • BONUS: Introductory video course about options for beginners
You will be able to access all the content whenever and wherever you prefer, 
from your computer, tablet and smartphone.
Here they are in detail:
Multimedia content: manual, audio, video
Equity Line In Sample:
Backtesting the Iron Shark strategy
Equity Line Out Of Sample:
Results of the Iron Shark strategy
Volatility Lab: TWS platform on Interactive Brokers
Screenshot example of Option Net Explorer
Video Course "Options for Beginners"
Multimedia Materials of the
"Iron Shark" Program

Iron Shark Manual

Learn how to get the most out of the opportunity offered by options with focus on risk diversification. 
You can read the manual whenever and wherever you want.

Master the Code & Go Live - Manuale

Bonus: 25+ Video and Audio Lessons

You will also receive over 25 audios and videos in which Francesco Placci –creator of the Iron Shark strategy – and I explain all the manual contents plus some extras.

Master the Code & Go Live - Video Lezioni

Bonus: Over 15 hours Introductory Video Course about Options

Don't you know anything about options? Don't worry!
You will receive a free introductory video course of over 15 hours that will explain everything about options starting from the basics, through a series of clear lessons with an operational slant.

Bonus: Access to the Unger Academy Community

Included in the training program, you will get free 12-month access to the exclusive Unger Academy Community where you can interact and exchange ideas and advice with other Top Traders, and where you will find me and other coaches ready to support you for any need.

Bonus: Q&A Webinar

Exclusive end-of-training webinar in which Francesco Placci will answer all your questions and further clarify any remaining doubts.

An in-depth analysis of options:
Is it really worth it?
To answer this question, I decided to talk about the testimonies of other traders who have followed other programs at Unger Academy just like you. No random words or useless promises, but REAL opinions of other traders who have really changed their profession and their lives following our training methods.
PETRA ILONA ZACEK - World Trading Champion 2018
"I certainly recommend following all of Andrea's programs. The main reason why I say this is because Andrea is the real deal and a true trader… Having won the trading championships over and over again, repeatedly, his experience is well proven…. With Andrea you'll have the real deal: he has shown that he knows how to make use of these markets and you can really be very successful with him."

Listen to the entire testimony:
Petra Ilona Zacek - winner of the World Cup Championship of Futures Trading® 2018*
Thomas Thurzo, now Full-time Trader
"I tried everything, but I only made money with Andrea..."

Listen to the entire testimony:
Thomas Thurzo

You are covered by my ZERO-Risks guarantee.

You should study the materials thoroughly, and if you are not totally satisfied about the content within the first 14 days, I will give your money back. All of it.

No questions asked.

Just send an e-mail and I will refund you.
That's it.
Who are the trainers?
Andrea Unger
Andrea Unger is the only trader in the world to have won the World Trading Championship 4 times.

He was champion in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012.

His ventures in trading began in the late 1990s, leading him to become a professional Trader back in 2001.

How did he become the only top trader in the world to have won 4 world championships?

So much passion, so much perseverance, lots of practice and above all lots of study with the greatest international experts.

This is the path that allowed him to create his winning method with automated trading.

Now he shares his skills by teaching thousands of students both in Italy (where he lives) and abroad how to create effective trading systems.

Among his best students we find:

Stefano Serafini, winner of the World Trading Championship in 2017.

Petra Ilona Zacek, winner of the World Trading Championship in 2018.

Tim Birch, who came on the podium with 3rd place in the 2016 World Championship.

Ivan Sherman, who has been in 1st place at the 2016 World Championship for months.

Thomas Thurzo, who was among the top competitors in the 2018 Championship.

Andrea is also active as an international author and speaker. He wrote the first book in Italy on money management, later translated into Chinese. He is often invited as a speaker to important trading events in Europe, USA, Australia and Asia.
Francesco Placci
Francesco Placci is responsible for the research and development of, an Italian company active in the world of systematic trading.

His first beginnings with the markets took place together with his experience in the banking sector, which he quit to pursue his great passion, trading.

He starts as a discretion trader on the Italian stock market, but soon understands that the most suitable method for him is systematic trading.

Since 2007 he has applied the systematic approach to trading stocks, derivatives and options and he is the trainer for and Unger Academy.

He has often been a speaker at the main trade events in Italy and appeared on Class CNBC as an expert on the subject.

In order to introduce young students to the knowledge of algorithmic trading, he contributed with university courses at the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna and Ca 'Foscari of Venice, in Italy.
Francesco Placci
After the program?
Anxiety, uncertainty, doubt ...
These are the negative emotions that wear down and paralyze many aspiring traders.

Variables / unknowns in play are many, and the fear of losing money is too strong.

Maybe you recognize yourself in this description ... but after the program you will no longer be in such a situation.
After the program:

You have all the information you need to get off to a good start.

You have a step by step program at your disposal that you simply need to follow.

You have many professionals and a 4-time World Champion by your side.

You can be among the few who reach the highest levels by overcoming this first major obstacle, without burning your capital with beginner's mistakes.
 Frequently Asked Questions
If you read this far, it means that we share the same passion for trading and you know how important diversification is for traders, even for part-time ones.

With the "Iron Shark" program you will understand step by step how to trade options through an algorithmic approach and get the most out of the opportunity offered by options for your trading.

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* Andrea is the winner of the World Cup Trading Championship® in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012.
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